01. Missing You - Nishino Kana
02. Aitai - Se7en
03. 366 Nichi - HY
04. Heart Attack (chinese) - EXO
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I am not afraid to die, but to think I haven’t lived. That terrifies me.
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Korea has been plunged in sorrow due to the Sewol Ferry incident, leading showbiz also to quiet down. K-Pop has been the most silent as of yet.

The silence, however, didn’t stop this big bit of news from coming through. God, the group which once enjoyed a great bit of popularity, announced all 5 of its original members would be reuniting to pre-release a song on the 8th. The song will lead to a studio album to be released in July as well as a 15th anniversary concert to be held on the 12th and 13th at the Seoul Jamsil Olympic Main Stadium’s Supplementary Stadium.

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